Master Cleanse (Lemonade Diet) Results

Hey Peeps,

This is Blog Post number 1 🙂 following the first Fad diet! So I started with the master cleanse right after holiday traveling.. meaning there was a lot of eating the week before! The master cleanse recipe is under the diet section of the blog if your interested in joining. For the first day I eliminated Carbohydrates, processes foods, and alcohol, then day 2 I eliminated all solids so a smoothies and some orange juice to keep some calories in there. Lastly day 3 was only Orange juice and a couple glasses of the cleanse recipe and no caffeine. Day 4 it was exactly like the recipe mentions for 7-10 times per day.

Results: Hunger: Day 3 & 4 were terrible I was starving but after adjusting the rest of the plan was maybe a 6 or 7 out of 10 you’re constantly drinking so hunger was average. A HUGE down fall was the need to chew something I tried gum, calorie free mints, everything! Finally I broke down but wanted to stay as strict to the plan as possible so about every other night I had half a head of Ice burg lettuce with nothing on it! It has basically no calories and nothing processed, I also had a protein bar just one day but that was it for cheats Calories: [Gradually decrease and eliminate] Monday: Breakfast – Eggs, Tbsp sunflower seeds, Siracha, 1/4 bell pepper Lunch – Lettuce, french dressing, banana pepper Supper – 10 oz. ribeye Tuesday: 106 oz Orange Juice, Lettuce, and strawberry smoothie Wednesday: Full master cleanse recipe/diet                                              

Kcals: Monday: 1,369 Tuesday: 1,242 Wednesday-Wednesday: 1,137 Avg.

Macro’s: Approx. 277g. CHO’s, 1 g. PRO, 0g. Fat (on the 1,137 kcal days).

Measurements: Bicept: 13.25 to 12.25 in. Mid-thigh: 22.25 to 22 in. Waist: 36.75 to 35 in.

weight: 198.4 to 183.6 14.8 total pounds

Cost: was very low but that is also because there are very few things in plan so between the lemons, lemons juice, honey, syrup, cayenne pepper, mint leaves (for another added flavor), Gum, lettuce, and the protein bar I spent $64. 87

Pro’s: I honestly actually felt great after the plan was all over there was so much water in the plan, before starting I was drinking a lot of caffeine so eliminating that was good. The progress on measurements and loss was crazy fast and as long I was fairly sedentary my energy was also good along with hunger. Lastly mental focus wasn’t bad either I was able to perform all of my normal daily tasks.

Con’s: I think the con’s definitely out-weigh the pro’s on this one though. As soon as I tried to work out I had no strength or for activities that required energy they were sluggish feeling. The diet was lacking a majority of the vitamins and minerals, Vitamins C might have been the only one that was decent (I did feel the need to take a multi-vitamin). It was also a short-term diet so actually behavior changes are not being learned if anything it’s almost a binge then restrict cycle, versus a long term healthy eating habit. Also of the weight loss since there is no protein in the diet, muscle mass is lost so you’re not maintaining healthy body mass (which can also decrease BMR or the amount of calories you burn in the future). Lastly in the 2-3 days following this plan when I went to higher calories I gained 6 pounds back.


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