About Me

Hello everyone,

Little about myself and why I really wanted to start this blogging journey. I work as a health coach currently for a weight loss weight management company, with that I hear so many schemes to lose weight. Whether it’s for the quick weight loss quick fix or a legitimate lifestyle and behavior change to for a healthier life and body people will literally try almost anything. After hearing all these different methods I have committed the next year to trying a new Fad or lifestyle dietary habit every 2 weeks so everyone can actually see what they look like. I challenge anyone that feels up to it to join me in the journey and maybe find something that fits their lifestyle or even if you just have the urge to make a change in your health. (that being said leave me questions, comments, recommend anything, or whatever it might be I’m open to it all)

Another big reason for this is because my formal Education is in Nutritional Sciences, I have my Bachelors of Arts in Nutrition from St. John’s University (Collegeville, MN). I decided to go into that field because I lost about 75 lbs in High School when I mainly became tired of how I looked that drives my passion to help people change their health or reach their personal weight loss and physique goals. In addition to that my job is in a cubicle I don’t get to be as active as I want to be outside of the dog walking (pictured below). I’m also choosing to be in this journey to be a healthier me, so no better time to join in with some accountability if you think you hang! Looking forward to this year-long journey of foods or lack of? Lets get this show on the road!


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