About Fad-tabulous

Hello Everyone!

Fad-tabulous is going to be a journey over the next year that I will take the most outrageous Fad’s and what seems the most sustainable dietary lifestyles trying each of them for a one or two week period depending on how restrictive! I want to challenge anyone to join in if their feeling up for it, some of the Fad’s are quite radical an unique so I won’t guarantee any results nor am I endorsing anything specifically. Also not knowing any previous conditions you might have some may not even be safe. Definitely feel free to reach out or comment from the home page and maybe I can help out with that! I also won’t be able to provide any personal counseling or training to a large group of people initially but what I’ll be doing is going to be pretty closely documented throughout. Mainly I want to do this to help put into reality the things you hear in different health and nutrition about quick fixes and real lifestyles you can or can’t adopt to be healthy! 🙂

So from there I will be doing anything from Cleansing diets and the Twinkie Diet to Vegetarianism and “Keto” that we constantly hear about. I will have my daily macro nutrients (Carbs, Proteins, and Fats), cheats, weight results, measurements, even hunger ratings, energy levels, and cost per week all aid out! I’ll be tracking activity calories too so you can see what I might be burning for calories. Part or new years resolutions is to become a certified personal trainer, so even workout routines will be available later on. Lastly I want to show the pro’s and con’s or other details, the potential lack of certain nutrients, and other effects that you may have including behavior change development with your food choices.

I’ll be adding my favorite recipes from each couple weeks throughout the process as well in case you’re just a foodie looking for some new things! While trying to lose weigh or eat healthy I know “Hangry” is a real thing so I’ll have social media with meme’s and amusing post I know that always helps to laugh about it. Then the very last part of the blog since I’m located in Sioux Falls, SD is going to be local restaurant reviews on what is most friendly to vegetarians, vegans, mediterranean, paleo, and keto dietary lifestyles. Essentially the overall healthy options that are offered, and feeling comfortable where you can order things when or if you are trying to be healthier.

I do have a lot of the fad’s planned for the next year but if you want to see something different let me know I can always mix-in something else. I will post those ahead of time with details on how to adhere if you want to join in you can prepare! Other than that this is a challenge to transform myself and my health after focus on work and buying a home the bod took a toll. At the same I’m passionate and want to help anyone else crush it’ in their challenges and goals too!


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