Welcome to Fad/diet #3

Profile is very unique to a lot of plans, number 1 it’s directed and funded straight from one of the largest health care systems in the Midwest known as Sanford Health. It’s a more restrictive plan that regulates carbohydrates and also the overall calorie intake using meal replacements and health coaching to reach goals. Where it’s so unique is there are 3 phases that focus first on weight loss and reaching the goal then, secondly focusing on activity (whether that is walking, running, yoga, zumba, pilates, and so on) to help maintain loss in the future. Lastly focusing on behavior change and creating habits so people understand their diet, a major issues is people don’t understand how to balance their diet with lifestyle. If you travel for work, or sports, have 5 kids, manage your own business or firm things like food don’t become a priority. So they want you to hit your goal and also want to continue coaching to learn to balance versus entering the vicious loss-gain cycle.

Now the Details!! Profile has an annual membership that varies with Promotions they might offer or even if your physician recommends weight loss you can receive additional discounts. Outside of the membership the plan varies slight from about $75 – $80 per weeks on profile products with very few groceries and I will have a full cost analysis on the 2 weeks in my results post 🙂

With the membership involved I can only give so many details, so the macro’s won’t be included in this post but I can tell you what you day might look like! [The below plan can vary depending on your height, activity, medical considerations such surgery, diabetes, heart conditions, etc. the coaches have the ability to work with a wide variety of different medical conditions! ]

  • Breakfast – Meal replacement **(Shake, Pudding, Soup, Breakfast options, or entree options as well) Link below for flavors and Info
  • Morning snack – Meal replacement
  • Lunch – Vegetables, fat serving, and Meal replacement
  • Afternoon Snack – Protein bar and Fiber drink
  • Dinner – Protein (Portioned to you height and frame
  • Evening snack – Meal replacement

The Plan is also very flexible, it’s planned out with 5-6 meals per day in the order above but you move things around anywhere want especially if you are traveling or maybe work nights it works around pretty much anything. It’s also a very high protein diet which research shows is great for maintenance of muscle mass and healthy body mass in weight loss. Overall calories range from about 900-1200 in the beginning and lower to moderate activity level making it perfect for starting a new healthy change 🙂 Check them out at the link above with other questions!

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